Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Banksy Strikes Gaza (2008)

 In July of 2008, mysterious painting started showing up in the west bank on the Palestinian side of the wall. As soon as the photos went on the web, we all knew what had happened. Banksy went on vacation to the Gaza Strip. With all of the violence going on at that time, he decided to risk his life (he is an Englishman)and go over and make some beautiful and meaningful art. Above is a wonderful one of a dove with a flack-jacket on. A snipers laser is zeroing in the symbol of peace. This is on the side of a building facing the Isreali side.
 This painting is also on the Palestinian side of the wall on the Gaza Strip. It is obviously a painting of a hole in the wall letting Palestinians see what paradise awaits them on the other side. This is a farce. The children painted below are waiting for the hole to open wider so they can play on the beach. Again- great irony from Banksy.
This is another gem painted by Banksy on the Palestinian side of the wall. This imlies that 'just outside the window' is a beautiful landscape. Another farce. A spokesperson for banksy admits that the artist was threatened by Palestinian authority for vandalism of Palestinian property, which was ironic sine the Isrealis built these walls to separate themselves from them. Ahhhhhhhh- irony at its best!

A Great Parody of Hollywood Kisses Follow this link to watch the short video.
The Simpsons are known for their wonerful parodies, and this one is great. As a fan of cinema, I have grown to love those 'moments' in films when two characters completely open up to eachother and show their love. I was delighted to see some of my favorite movie kisses animated with such class. Can you name all of the films in this homage?

Monday, November 15, 2010

Banksy does The Simpsons couch-gag!

The world famous and wildly elusive Brittish street artist Banksy created the best Simpsons couch-gag in the history of the animated show. Simpsons producers reached out the Banksy through the producers of his film 'Exit Through the Gift Shop.' Banksy took credit for creating the storyboards that animators used to create the couch gag. Banksy must be a fan of the show, he even made a great grafitti art on the side of a building in New Orleans a couple of years ago of a real-life bart simpson writing on the chalkboard. 

In the couch-gag, Banksy depicts the whole animation process as being done in some dark basement and under the eye of slavedrivers. The Simpsons toys and action figures are made of dead kitten fur, and the DVD holes are punctured by a chained  and tired Unicorn. Brilliant work by a Brilliant artist! Here is a link to the opening couch-gag.